What We Do


Our entertainment practice focuses on artistic creators, including musicians, composers, producers, writers and actors. We have decades of experience in dealing with the types of legal issues that arise in the course of a career in the entertainment industry. We review, comment and draft documentation for our client’s professional engagements and agreements. We have a deep background in the recording industry (Don Franzen teaches Law and the Recording Industry at UCLA). We have also represented clients in a broad spectrum of matters, including celebrity endorsements, touring and concert agreements, songwriting and commission agreements, publishing deals, television and film options, and theatrical stage agreements.

estate planning

The firm’s estate planning practice involves counseling individuals, families and business owners with their estate planning, business succession planning, trust administration and probate needs. In working with high net worth individuals to transition their assets and businesses to the next generation, the firm focuses on the legal and tax ramifications of the planning and impact on future generations. We arrange for an orderly disposition of your assets after death to avoid legal and financial complications, excessive fees and expenses, and minimize estate taxes.



The firm includes seasoned litigation attorneys such as Mr. Franzen, with over four decades of experience in trial and appellate work, both state and federal.  Additionally he is highly experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as mediation and arbitration. Together with our clients, we develop a strategy, whether by ADR or court, to resolve disputes and conflicts for them in an effective, cost efficient manner.


The firm assists clients in a broad range of corporate, operational and business matters. The practice focuses on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other complex business transactions. We represent startup entities, founders and entrepreneurs with entity formation, early stage financing and exit planning. We guide our clients through all stages of their business growth, finding solutions to reduce risks while maximizing business opportunities.

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